About Us


The Mission of the Spring ISD Education Foundation is to generate and distribute resources to the Spring Independent School District to enhance the quality of education.

Board of Directors

Bruce Bentley
Stelle Claughton Lacefie
Capt. Donald Davis
Beth Fuller
Rodney Green
Ken Grays
Robert Hook
Brandon Huffman
Yolanda Humphrey
Peggy Husky
Jennifer Leadbetter
Donna Lewis
Gloria Marshall
Kathy Morrison
Rhonda Newhouse
Dwight Rumph
Seth Sharr
Barbara Sherman
Debbie Townsend
Merianne Wininger
Edward Wade
Dr. Alexander C. Warren
Jill Wright
Cameron Michalski
Ed Roberson
Michael Shawn Kelly
Janice McDonald
Executive Committee

Edward Wade

Dr. Alexander C. Warren

Ms. Sandra Scott

Dwight Rumph

Beth Fuller

Ken Grays

Ken Grays

Melody Douglas

Donna Lewis

Committee List

Scholarship Committee:

Barbara Sherman, Chair

Grant Committee:

Rodney Green, Chair

Development Committee:

Ken Grays, Chair

Marketing Committee:

Edward Wade Chair

Governance Committee:

Jennifer Leadbetter, Chair

Finance Committee

Bruce Bentley, Chair

Spring ISD Education Foundation Support Staff
Foundation Executive Director Ms. Sandra Scott


The Spring ISD Education Foundation is organized exclusively for educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The property, affairs and business of the Corporation shall be managed by the Directors. The Board of Directors, consisting of 27 no more than 45 members, hold 3-year terms.

The Executive Committee, together with the President and Chief Executive Officer, shall be charged with the duties of managing the Corporation in the ordinary course of business, and the general handling of the affairs of the Corporation and the carrying out of the purposes of the Corporation and the performance of such other duties as may be imposed upon it or authorized by the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors meetings are held every other month. Most Committee meetings are held monthly and community members are welcomed to join. Please contact Ms. Sandra Scott at 281-891-6012 if you are interested in serving on a Committee


Our Form 990 Statements are available upon request. To obtain, please feel free to call us for information. You may also visit Guide Star or Donor Houston for more information.

Privacy Statement

The Spring ISD Education Foundation (“Foundation") collects information from donors or those submitting information to participate in programs funded through the Foundation. All such information is maintained solely by the Foundation and is not sold to or shared with any third party. The information may be used by the Foundation to contact donors or participants about future programs or donations. Anyone wishing to correct information provided to the Foundation may do so by contacting the Foundation at 281-891-6012 or by email ed@give2springkids.org.

You can read our most recent Annual Report here.